by Sam Carter

Eden-Brazil – Moacyr Scliar

In these new climate circumstances, old stories will not suffice when it comes to stirring us to action.

The Houseguest and Other Stories – Amparo Dávila

Cortázar seems unwilling to recognize that what one person finds excessive another will consider just the right touch.

Fish Soup – Margarita García Robayo

As she deftly mobilizes themes of mobility and immobility, García Robayo demonstrates not only how circumstances catch us with little promise of release but also how we get caught up in the idea of finding a way to escape.

Southerly – Jorge Consiglio

The question of how we create meaning or value — which, Consiglio reminds us, are far from the same thing — when moving through a place serves as a structural principle in this collection where each story stretches out like a corridor with different rooms attached.