by Rachel Baron Singer

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Greatest, Loneliest Party

Maybe people who engage in the most public, grandiose acts of socialization are the ones who are the most isolated from real human interaction.

Fifty Shades of Wave: Godard’s Alphaville as Fan Fiction

I have come to a most alarming conclusion: Jean-Luc Godard wrote fan fiction.

The Dark Side of Genius

Despite being dead for almost 33 years, Alfred Hitchcock still managed to have a fairly interesting year in 2012.

It’s like this, Anna

Somehow, even with the tousled hair and the cheap cigarettes, Anna Karina always managed to look every bit as dazzling as Audrey Hepburm, if not more so, simply by virtue of the fact that she knew how to match a gun with a pleated skirt, and would probably recite Marx with superb accuracy if you asked nicely and offered her a light.