by Nina Renata Aron

Dope on Film

The proliferation of a kind of heroin porn may be normalizing the epidemic, but it is failing to humanize it.

Anna Prushinskaya

“The moments of transitioning to motherhood were moments of clarity, of cutting through the things that I wasn’t able to cut through before.”

Family, Genus, Species – Kevin Allardice

Allardice’s deft novel is deceptively complex, layered not simply with satire, but with emotional revelations about family, community, sexuality, parenthood, race, and class

Lucky You – Erika Carter

Carter succeeds in creating a lush but airless environment in which the anxieties of “adulting” — finding direction, meaning, maintaining a home — are amplified to crippling effect.

Mischling – Affinity Konar

What really saves MISCHLING is Konar’s astonishing lyricism. Against Adorno’s statement, here there is poetry in everything.