by Nika Knight

Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman – Friedrich Christian Delius

A single piece of punctuation has, it seems, never held such power.

Dear Sugar’s Unveiling

Dear Sugar has revealed her real-world identity, and sweet peas around the world are beside themselves.

Who is Sugar?

Our favorite advice columnist in all of history, Dear Sugar from the Rumpus, will unveil her real world identity tonight. We’re taking guesses as to who she’ll turn out to be.

Winter’s Tales

Does January really need to be this dreary? Why does February exist?

On the AK-47 as Jewelry

Glamorizing weapons and war is nothing new.

Alina Simone

Whereas writing, you know, you’re alone, fucking nailing yourself to the cross on that lonely white page with every word. Trekking your lonely footsteps across that virgin white snow, that endless tundra.

The Little Princelings

Can you imagine if we referred to the sons of the CEO of Goldman Sachs as “princelings?”

Nin Andrews

I can try to tell the facts, but I still end up with fictions. (I believe history is a many-layered fiction.) I can’t include all the pertinent details, and without them, I can only tell a partial truth. But does it matter? Yes, I think it matters. I wish I could do more justice to the world.

Anselm Keifer Won’t Paint Cows on his Nuclear Reactor

“This nuclear power station is so fantastic, wonderful. It is my Pantheon.”

Ghosts of Writers Past

Faulkner’s ghost likes to write on walls and scurrilously wander the grounds, to scare off all the Ole Miss students making out in the woods behind his house (ghosts are always grumpy).