by Nika Knight

Dismantling the University

The cutting of humanities programs in favor of business and STEM degrees is backed not by the pure arithmetic of budgetary restraints but by entrenched and quixotic neoliberal ideology.

Jennifer Percy

Exorcism is just a lie we tell ourselves in order to survive.

Paula Bomer

Birth is a hallucinatory experience.

Memory Under a Microscope: Memoir Culture and THE SCIENTISTS

Roth draws our attention to what memoir is — a constructed, self-conscious narrative plucked out of the hazy, episodic world of memory — and immediately sets his book as one apart from contemporary memoir culture.

Hanna Pylväinen

God is often not very dramatic — try sitting through a hundred sermons — but the interiority of considering God, and family, and faith — can be.

Lauren Groff

I think writers may be the canaries in the coal mine.

Cheryl Strayed

When we’re honest about ourselves, we’re usually met with a lot of love.

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Sendak’s voice leads children through the darkest thickets of their imagination, telling them where to take the right turn (especially when the right turn is the wrong one) to have a riotous adventure.

Arrrgh, Achtung! The State of Piracy in Germany

Isn’t the point at which they hold real political authority the time to start taking things seriously? Not to some Pirates, it seems.

Tupelo Hassman

How do we protect ourselves from ourselves, if we don’t look at what we’ve done?