by Meagan Day

Our Secret Life in the Movies – Michael McGriff & J.M. Tyree

Films call up memories, and they also shape them, give them a lattice to grow on; viewing and memory, like lattice and vine, are interwoven. Everyone has a secret life in the movies.

The People’s Platform – Astra Taylor

When Twitter was banned in Turkey, a popular image showed the Twitter bird’s beak sewn shut, a striking visual conflation of free expression and free enterprise.

Lone Star Fictions

T.R. Fehrenbach’s spellbinding semi-fictionalizations of Texas history have an air of Manifest Destiny about them, Texas envisioned as a promised land for an exceptional people.

Veronica Gonzalez Peña

I love that — the thing that is so intense and painful that you have to live a life glancing sidelong at it, and are surprised when you are, once again, somehow, in the midst of it, wondering how it is that you led yourself there.

A Fisher King in the White House

Reagan-as-void is a necessary first step in the project of understanding what precisely occurred in the White House during the eighties.


Detropia registers a mood of attenuated uncertainty, the precarious present understood not as a single melodramatic catastrophe but as “a thick moment of ongoingness.”

Notes on the Firebombing of the Freedom Press Bookshop

What happened on Friday was not a regime officer tossing copies of Marx one by one into a bonfire in a public square, but it was nonetheless a book burning, an attempt to intimidate a movement or stifle an ideology by destroying its literature.

Amber, Archers, Cinnamon, Horses and Birds

In remembrance of Jack Gilbert.

Hedi el Kholti

I like to work with this kind of cluster of references that mirror each other.

Summer of Hate – Chris Kraus

In vintage Kraus (and feminist) style, there is no possible separation of love and sex from politics and philosophy.