by Marshall Yarbrough

History of a Disappearance – Filip Springer

Springer’s history is simply a “beast,” sometimes slumbering, but more often fiercely awake.

Objectively False

If stress makes us sick, all the more reason for us to avoid it; having medical evidence to back this up helps to bolster that argument. But surely we are not so neurotic as a society, so distrustful of our own subjective experience, that we need the supposedly objective ratification of an outside authority to make it seem valid?

The Misery of the General Reader: Fukuyama and Graeber

If Francis Fukuyama allows me to congratulate myself for being a few shades less conservative than the author, then Graeber’s radicalism makes me feel flaccid, middle-class, and complicit in a system whose flaws I don’t even sufficiently perceive.

Encyclopedic Encroachment: Defining the Micro-enyclopedic Novel

Each encyclopedia has its own white whale.

The Perils of Optimism, with Zeppelins

Truth itself won’t be comforted, but there’s solace in seeing the huckster unmasked. On American optimism and THE CARP CASTLE by MacDonald Harris.