by Larissa Pham

Invisible Peril: A Fucking Didactic Educational Review

People disappear every day, every year. Some people who disappear are killed. Some people who disappear are never found. This is not simply a matter of being smaller than a pixel.

Laboring Love

To swap “men’s work” and “women’s work” solves no problems; it’s not about the work but who performs it. The issue is the way in which we gender and correspondingly devalue certain kinds of labor.

To Be The One Who Doesn’t Wait

Via filthy, international first-class mail, do you become both lover and loved one, the one who does not wait?


No one falls for spam. No one really believes it as it is, pure id spread thick, no ego to mask it. Spam tries to court you but you’re too smart for it.

The Insensitivity of Autocorrect

I think of all this messy tech as a lake that grows larger and larger, accumulating information with no sense of time’s passing, a beast with good intentions, that only wishes to learn.

2014: A Ruined Year Wearing The Face of the Thing You Most Love

Dispatches from the eldritch entrails of Skull & Bones

“Hey, check out my blog!”: Curating Taste and the Future of Art

In an image-saturated society, taste has transcended consumption.

Down the Rabbit Hole

No matter the tangled path I take to get there, the end result is always the same: a few hours later, I’m sitting in front of my laptop with three tabs open on serial killers, violent paraphilias, or fast-moving infectious diseases.


From whence does this plot point spring? Why do we thrill at it? Why do we find it so emotionally taut, so satisfying? Hot for teacher taps into all the taboos that make our kinks work.

Snaps of America

The whiskey we drank, the sunflower seeds we ate and spat, the places we slept: all make it into the digital backlog forming behind us, a froth of pixels left in our wake.