by Kari Larsen

Homesick for Another World – Otessa Moshfegh

We’re human, we’re fucked, how do we even love when the impulse yields nothing but disgusting spores because we’re breathing into the necks of garbage people: it’s 2017.

Calamities – Renee Gladman

What one wants to hold onto gets its own language: that is a pretty fitting description of the form of the essay in Gladman’s hands.

Problems – Jade Sharma

PROBLEMS is hypnotic and dank, an intimate gurgle from a person to whom you have become so endeared you decode it. And you know it’s beautiful.

The Border of Paradise – Esmé Weijun Wang

Consider THE BELL JAR and GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Esmé Weijun Wang’s debut novel THE BORDER OF PARADISE is a different kind of narrative about mental illness.

Willful Disregard – Lena Andersson

How the casual communication becomes the unanswered text, how the crush becomes unrequited love — that is, defined by lack — how someone becomes themself, alone, that phenomena deserves a novel like WILLFUL DISREGARD.

Trans – Juliet Jacques

I love to imagine a future in which a young trans writer can embrace this book as talismanic and important because it reflects something beautiful and singular.