by Jesse Montgomery

Fascinations: Iron Mike

Because I grew up without television, I’m still fairly unacquainted with some of the more significant pockets of popular American brutalism. Thanks to Avi Steinberg’s essay “Tyson Projected,” published a few weeks ago by n+1, that is no longer the case.

The Full Stop Doomsday Clock: Jack and Jill

In the wake of the horrific announcement made last Friday regarding the release of Adam Sandler’s latest film Jack and Jill, the Full Stop Doomsday Clock has been set, for the first time, at 11:53PM.

Young Critics: Marco Roth

Recently awarded the 2011 Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism, Marco Roth is a founding editor of the popular magazine n+1. Full Stop interviewed Roth via e-mail and discussed feeling old in your twenties, William Hazlitt, and getting younger.

James Ivory to Direct Gilead

James Ivory will direct a film adaptation of Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gilead.

Thursday Treat: Infographics

It’s a real scorcher in Philly today, so I thought I’d avoid taxing the heat-sensitive faculties required of the ruminative arts and post a few sweet infographics instead of attempting to write anything of Substance.

General Orders No. 9

Yesterday Slashfilm posted a link to the trailer for an upcoming experimental documentary titled GENERAL ORDERS No. 9. Even more intriguing was the post’s subheading, which read: “A documentary aimed squarely at Terrence Malick Fans?”

The Great Night – Chris Adrian

Chris Adrian’s new novel THE GREAT NIGHT is a lively dramatization of the grief that attends love and its loss and the complicated ties that bind the present to the past.

A Gorblimey Thursday: Minced Oaths

According to Wikipedia, a minced oath is “an expression based on a profanity that has been altered to reduce the objectionable characteristics of the original expression.” Full Stop suggests the following low profanity:

Zounds! Astounding Science Fiction Recommendations!

In honor of something or other, The Guardian recently posted a wicked list of science fiction recommendations from some of the genre’s best writers.

Charles Burns

Burns is most famous for his decade-spanning, highly praised series BLACK HOLE, which chronicles the misfortunes of a group of Seattle teenagers who contract a horrifying sexually transmitted disease which leads to gruesome physical disfigurations and social chaos.