by Hestia Peppe

Sea Tiles

I’m trying not to say nature because the concept is corrupt. Suffice to say though, beaches make me question art because they do it all already.

The Shimmering Go-Between – Lee Klein

To privilege surprise and suspense seems to reject the value of the possibility of critical distance, to render sacred the immersive entertainment value of story and perhaps most significantly to devalue the potential of re-reading.

First Object

For now I only want to talk about this pillow. I am hoarding it like a seed or a precious sourdough mother. I have been watering it with tears for nearly a decade.

The Man with the Compound Eyes – Wu Ming-Yi

If the term magical realism creates a false subset of modernism, what is to stop cli-fi from functioning in a similar way?

Is It My Body? – Kim Gordon

A re-branding of Kim Gordon, and an eloquent reversal of emphasis.

Strange Familiars

Taxonomies, the naming of others, the possibility of death and dismemberment but also of strange alliances, eating together, eating each other; Just Like A Human! oozes with barely contained guts.

Love Dog – Masha Tupitsyn

More watching than touching and as much mourning as loving, Love Dog is about love but because of that it is about everything.

Divination Tech in The Twenty-First Century

Pure of heart and bent on obliterating intention, Matias Viegener allows time, intuition and chance to flow into and through a formal structure.