by Helen Stuhr-Rommereim

Taking Time

Time passes, print publications amass. I never realized before how much the accumulation of periodicals could remind a person that the end is inevitable.

Let’s Keep Talking About Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall was a true public intellectual, in the sense that his intellectual commitment was always to the public. For Hall, it was a position of intellectual generosity and a commitment to rigorous, productive discourse on a mass scale.

Taylor Swift’s Cruel Longing

A roundtable discussion featuring Lee Edelman, Lauren Berlant, Chris Kraus, Lydia Davis, and Taylor Swift.

Sunday Night Movies – Leanne Shapton

Shapton is a great illustrator not simply because she displays capability with pencil and brush — although that she certainly does — but because each of her works proposes an entirely new way to tell a story.

Polar Vortex DIY

If Do-It-Yourself culture continues to gain appeal as fast as climate change lays on the chaos, it might make sense to look to the hinterlands for both practical guidance and hints about the fashions of the future.

Everything Happens as It Does – Albena Stambolova

The stories of a handful of comingling lives unspool with the beguiling sense of fatedness that overtakes all events once they’ve happened the way they’ve happened to happen.

We Never Think Alone

The over-presence of other people’s personal thoughts creates such a confounding compendium of other imagined subjectivities that thinking becomes exhausting. If only we could think alone.

Astragal – Albertine Sarrazin

This is not a road novel, but a story of imprisonment that is always present even if it changes form.

Speedboat – Renata Adler

Connections that arise not out of the expression of meaning, but from the feeling of not quite being able to fully communicate anything.

Willing to Believe

Is it actually so hard to understand why someone would seek out the soothing sympathy of one who understands them, and why they would not want to let the semblance of that understanding presence disappear?