by Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Super Extra Grande – Yoss

Here are some other technologies that humans control despite a barely functioning civil society: Nuclear weapons. The Internet. Drones. Here are some archetypes that don’t appear in this novel: Gringos. White people.

The Trace – Forrest Gander

For Dale and Hoa, middle-class fools who have waded in far too deep, the encounter will prove surreal and cathartic, though Gander is too sophisticated to provide a clear resolution.

Flametti, or the Dandyism of the Poor – Hugo Ball

It is not often I read a novel so enthusiastic and unconstrained (and so funny) in its use of language and in its building of worlds.

So Much I Don’t Know

Today we introduce guest correspondent Roanne Kantor. Roanne writes to us from Bihar, India, where she is assisting her husband, Hayden Kantor, with his anthropological field research.

Reading Under The Influence

As Charles de Saint Evremond writes in his Miscellaneous Essays (1692), “When a Man, intoxicated with reading, makes his first step in the World, ’tis usually a false one.”

On Disco

Disco was western expansionism gone way wrong, a great globalizing force wiping out local culture and voices of dissent. This is what the culture industry does. It locks us in an endless, navel-gazing, polyester-suit-wearing disco beat.

The Cardboard House – Martín Adán

In a new edition, THE CARDBOARD HOUSE loses the raw feel of a manifesto.