by Eric Van Hoose

Brand Brothers

As more and more people are questioning the value of a college education, branding — the process of creating perceived value out of thin air — is becoming increasingly important for universities.

What If You’re Dirty?

When you clean, you can now be sure that 99.9% of germs have been eradicated and that your floors will literally sparkle. But what if your apartment isn’t the only thing in need of cleaning. What if you’re dirty?

Consider The Sex Writer

Why is writing and reading about sex the source of so much discomfort and uncertainty?

Scribble Jam, 1997

In only its second year, the 1997 Scribble Jam became legendary when an unknown MC named Eminem lost in the freestyle battle.

Message to lit mags: just say “no”

Some rejection letters have become ugly and patronizing, and they’re doing a disservice to writers.


How is it that a word which has always conveyed direct agreement has been rethought and re-presented in the form of a tentative question? What does this tell us about how people view making concrete claims? Or about their ability to have their voice heard?

Why Are Malls Home To So Much Violence?

The mall is becoming a stage on which the inevitable outcomes of public problems play themselves out.

The Case for Writers to Play Video Games

Many people seem happy to think of writing as something that, if simply practiced enough, can be perfected — or even worse, they think of writing as a job. But here’s one piece of advice I haven’t come across in my perusal of readily available resources: play video games.

Sex and Punishment: Homosexuality in and out of Prison

It’s clear that sex and punishment are nearly synonymous in the logic of capitalist mass incarceration.

Not Guilty

Racism is a symptom of this order, not its reason for being.