by Dan Shewan

Two Nations Under God

The United States has two flags. One for when the Constitution is being observed. The other for when it isn’t. Or so say thousands of Americans known as the sovereigns.

Children of Hope

Nothing says Welcome to America quite like a billboard advertising the end of the world.

One Previous Owner: Inside The World of Murderabilia

Items that once belonged to the household names of serial killing are to murderabilia enthusiasts what Inverted Jenny postage stamps are to stamp collectors.

Baphomet Rising

Satanism is alive and well in America — but not in the way most people think.

Their England

My father is a good man. He loves his family, and worked hard for years to support us. He is thoughtful, considerate, and an excellent listener. Unfortunately, like many people of his generation who came of age in the Britain of the 1960s, he is also a racist.

The Enduring Romance with Proust

While fans often praise “The Novel” for its depth and enduring cultural relevance, Proust’s magnum opus isn’t exactly what most people would consider accessible. So why is Proust’s work experiencing something of a renaissance?