by Cory Austin Knudson

99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value — Brian Massumi

Post-capitalist thinking here is not a navel-gazing exercise in utopian fabulation, but a very direct imperative to think through capitalist value-structures.

Obscenity and the Arts – Anthony Burgess, Germaine Greer, and Andrew Biswell

Burgess’s lecture comes across as pat and facile as it does because he wanted more than anything to show the Maltese that he and his books weren’t a danger to anyone thank-you-very-much and can-I-have-my-fucking-books-back-please.

Notes from Year One

A dialectical reflection on graduate education, and God

The Anguish of Thought — Évelyne Grossman

Anguish is, after all, the core watchword of modernism, beloved of avant-garde artists, writers, and thinkers since the salons of the mid-nineteenth century.

Radical Sacrifice – Terry Eagleton

The dust jacket claims that Radical Sacrifice “distils the essence of Eagleton’s later thought,” but at the outset it seems like that later thought is stuck in an era now long past.

QAnon’s Pendulum: On Umberto Eco’s Fiction and Right-Wing Conspiracism

The stories of Umberto Eco and QAnon are those of people desperate for meaning, and of people willing to give them some semblance of it for profit, for power, or even for laughs.

The Influence Peddlers – Hédi Kaddour

If increasingly Islamophobic western cultures can be collectively taken as Troy, THE INFLUENCE PEDDLERS at its best is a Trojan Horse in which not all the soldiers fit — or at least fit comfortably.

Bodies of Summer – Martin Felipe Castagnet

At its best Castagnet’s debut work artfully skirts overt philosophizing about mind-body relations and necropolitics, keeping this slim speculative novel at an athletic pace and leaving ample room for us to explore its marvelous world for ourselves.

Disorderly Families – Arlette Farge & Michel Foucault

Farge and Foucault’s presentation of their findings in the Bastille archives provides a much-needed corrective to historians’ hitherto single-scale, unidirectional perspective.