by Cam Scott

Positions of the Sun — Lyn Hejinian

Does Language poetry have a public? If not, and for want of one, whose interests does it serve instead?

Crosslight for Youngbird – Asiya Wadud

Wadud’s poems of witness are far less remote than one might expect of an often commemorative tradition, underwritten by a deep physical sympathy.

The Animatic Apparatus – Deborah Levitt

Perhaps one could narrate the movement from a cinematic to an animatic paradigm as an empowering rather than paranoid trajectory; as a movement from passively seeing with one’s eyes to actively producing bodies and ideas.

Vote No. 1 – Mark Duffy

Much as the likeness of glazed cheeseburger, enlarged to unappetizing dimensions, beckons distastefully from deli windows citywide, Duffy’s subjects are larger than life and irksome.