by Caitlin Greene

“iyt makes me dull to wriyte”: Raymond Pettibon in New York City

Some of Pettibon’s work could be torn from a suspectedly sociopathic child’s secret notebook.

The Woman Upstairs – Claire Messud

A treatise on repressed creativity, voyeurism, obsession, and misanthropy, The Woman Upstairs is an exhausting ego-trip to behold.

Elders – Ryan McIlvain

The weight of ambivalence is greater than any final oath.

Unkown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division – Peter Hook

Music writing can feel so “written,” but Hook’s voice is refreshingly immediate and present.

Living Line to Line

Hoffman’s biographical passages, expert arrangement of Joseph Roth’s correspondence, and crisp footnotes yield a full arc of synchronised decay — the social fabric of Europe, Roth’s career, and his worldview — all in unison.

Smaller and Cheaper Than a Breadbox

The thinking to date has been that publishers ought to keep their print business comfortable in order to branch out into ebook production, but this model is becoming increasingly strained amid market pressures and economic downturn.