by Ben Sandman

Intimate Ties – Robert Musil

Read in the broadest terms, in the context of literary modernism, INTIMATE TIES seems especially concerned with the psyche, sexuality, and repression.

Bright Magic: Stories – Alfred Döblin

The variety of Döblin’s work may have hurt his chances at posterity, but it’s this same quality that makes BRIGHT MAGIC such a joy to read.

How to Travel Without Seeing – Andrés Neuman

Neuman’s humor, at its best, does more than make us laugh: it reveals the absurdity of the world we live in, and the world Neuman is traveling through.

Hua Hsu

My book considers these fairly elite, mainstream conversations about China and America’s shared future. But it’s also about the construction of authority, the spirit of competition that underlies all intellectual endeavor.

‘I’ – Wolfgang Hilbig

Who could imagine a US intelligence agent caring about Beckett?

Amitava Kumar

Style, whether in fiction or nonfiction, is always, always, always, the curry in which the goat gets cooked.