by Azeen Ghorayshi

Why ‘Liking’ Science Matters

Aesthetic beauty, or its opposite, plays seemingly no role in the strict objectivity of scientific discourse. Art invents, science discovers. And yet, this is of course not really true at all.

Telegraph Avenue – Michael Chabon

Chabon can’t be separated from his aching nostalgia and whimsical tropes.

Zombies Have Invaded the Internet

For a person sufficiently creeped out by the possibility of zombies, a simple 1.8 minutes spent chasing the paper trail from Google to the CDC’s drab government website will give them exactly what they’re looking for. Or not.

A Trip Around the Writer’s Block

At what point does drawing a blank (and another, and another) officially qualify you for diagnosis with psychic masochism?

The Imperfectionists – Tom Rachman

“With rampant factual inaccuracies, an ever-shrinking readership, and an office best known for its dirty carpeting, most of the staff is beginning to wonder why the paper is even in existence.”