by Andrew Mitchell Davenport

Paul Devlin, pt. 1

Murray went so far as to redefine race in terms of idiom.

Jillian Keenan

When will we notice that childhood spankings are a seed and potent fertilizer of rape culture?

William Egginton

Don Quixote is a novel about how sure we humans are about what we know to be true, how dreadfully wrong we can be, and how incredibly funny that fact is.

Lewis H. Lapham

In that day and age the only writing that was considered serious was the novel. To be a literary figure, to be a literary artist, to have literary pretensions of any kind, one had to write a novel.

Honeychild, Fly Away Home

For a brief moment in the cemetery, I wished it wasn’t my inheritance. That this wasn’t my story.

The Matter at Hand

We yearn to be free of a sordid history, to exist undeterred by a fetid past, but the irreality of what we have learned and witnessed encroaches upon our daily being. But, listen. You are here. You are now. And you have a story to choose how we will be.

Tom LeClair

I wanted my reviews to be like legal opinions, well-founded, well-reasoned, and as fair as I could make them without donning black robes and buying a gavel.

The Foundling’s War – Michel Déon

An underreported entrance into the forum of American letters.

Stephen J Burn

Wallace has been transformed from a writer people were reluctant to take seriously, and who was deemed profoundly derivative of Pynchon, to a writer people fall over themselves to namecheck.

The Brooklyn Jumbies

We went to Occupy Wall Street to affect people. What we did on Wall Street didn’t solve any problems. But it was effective. We weren’t just protesting financiers. We were also trying to calm everyone down