by Adam Fales

Binstead’s Safari – Rachel Ingalls

In many novels, the survival of a marriage symbolizes a return to normalcy, but Ingalls twists that convention by rendering marriage as a stricture on each individual’s autonomy.

Utopia Can Be Banal: The Unfinished Ballad of Kenny Dennis

It’s too easy to write Kenny Dennis off as just a joke. While there are aspects of Kenny that seem wholly ridiculous, Cohn makes his story expansive and dark, and he settles on an exuberance that overcomes Kenny’s struggle.

Fabulous – madison moore

moore’s own practice of writing FABULOUS extends his project, creating another, more intangible and theoretical, place for these brown, queer, and fabulous lives.

Mrs. Caliban – Rachel Ingalls

To reissue a book involves hoping that history repeats itself, but this time with a difference.