Recent changes to UK immigration law have targeted foreign students. Tales of being mired in bureaucracy are always a drag, and after months of relating my soul-crushing experience getting a student visa from the British consulate in New York, I found that numbers speak louder than words:

30,899.87: cost in dollars of tuition at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine for overseas students

3: total number of applications for a student visa made to the Home Office.

1,482.57: amount in dollars spent on the visa applications.

1: number of appointments for fingerprints scheduled without a date or time provided.

30: number of fingerprints taken on three occasions.

2: number of application materials returned to sender by the British consulate in the same envelope containing a letter claiming these materials were missing from the application.

76.83: total cost in dollars of two phone calls made regarding the application to the only available hotline.

4: number of flights the applicant missed in one week to go to London for the start of classes.

1,400: cost in dollars of a new one way flight to London from New York on British Airways.

10,000,000: approximate number of nerve cells damaged during the visa application process.

0: visas granted.


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