Welcome to #MondayMeme, a new shameless attempt by Full Stop to game the Internet. Today we’ve collected the finest results of our #booksforbirds Twitter experiment for your enjoyment. Credits listed en masse at the end of the post. Tweet your own #booksforbirds to @fullstopmag!

  • The Buzzard of Oz
  • Infinite Nest
  • Plumage To Catalonia
  • I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Because I Am Also A Bird
  • Owlysses
  • As I Lay My Young
  • Bird of Paradise, Lost
  • At-Swim Three Birds
  • The Quiet Toucan
  • Necrownomicon
  • Warbler and Peace
  • One Flew Over My Nest
  • Canary Row
  • Catch Twenty-Cockatoo
  • The Rime of the Ancient Jacamariner
  • Sir Gawain & The Green Nightingale
  • The Tern of the Screw
  • Egret Expectations by Charles Chickens
  • Beak House
  • All the Sad Young Literary Wrens
  • Brighton Roc
  • Huck Finch
  • A Visit from the Loon Squad
  • A Tailfeather of Two Cities
  • The Man Without Quailities


Bird books by: @jtwatters, @lookslikeuptome, @dave_burnham, @the_real_aaron, @eli_schmitt, @asultanov, @coachorenstrong, @tippypani, @j_a_montgomery


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