From all of us here at Full Stop Magazine, here’s wishing for a happy end-of-year festivities to all of our readers.

Hopefully you’re with some people you’re close to, and if not (or even if you are), we invite you to cuddle up during the next week with some highlights of our best reviews, interviews, essays, and crazed missives. We’ll be back with new content on January 3rd.

Due to the incredible response we’ve received, we’ll be continuing our Situation in American Writing questionnaire well into January, featuring, among many others, Danielle Evans, T.C. Boyle, Alex Chee, and Darin Strauss. We’re excited.

At Full Stop, we’re conflicted about 2012. As a website, we’ve only known 2011, and we fear change. 2012 promises another mind-numbing presidential election, and of course, the inevitable end of the Mayan long-count (and possibly, existence). But there’s probably also going to be new and exciting books, the continued worldwide resistance to the corporate state , and jokes to make about wizards. So, to 2011, we say so long. 2012? Bring it on.

Here’s The Year in Volcanic Activity.


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