I can’t think of anything to write about today, but luckily the Internet is a Cabinet of Wonders so if I can’t write, I don’t have to.  Instead, I’ll send you somewhere else.


This Recording recently published an incredibly interesting profile of novelist Patricia Highsmith, who wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley:

“Highsmith’s notebooks written in the fifties reveal her struggle over understanding the social reality of being gay, one which informed her depictions of gay characters in her psychological thrillers involving murders, forged identities and double lives. A few years before she wrote Strangers on Train, which centers on a homoerotic bond and a murder pact between two men, one entry in her journal reads “Yes, perhaps sex is my theme in literature – being the most profound influence on me – manifesting itself in repressions and negatives, perhaps, but the most profound influence.”


I have watched the video of Azealia Bank’s song “212” approximately seventeen times today without getting sick of it.  Unsurprisingly, I would recommend you take a listen.


Books, of course:

You know how everyone is saying We the Animals by Justin Torres is a phenomenal novel?  They are right.  It’s phenomenal.  It’s also under 150 pages long so you have no excuse to not read it on the subway, or wherever it is you NY motherfuckers read your books.


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