Most Baby Boomers are dorks. That they set themselves up in opposition to the Greatest Generation as The Coolest Generation only makes them dorkier. They invented the New Age aesthetic. They wore top hats. They literally sported rose colored glasses.  Further evidence: the shitty ‘classic album art’ that they’re always going on about. Anything The Beatles did on the cover of Sgt. Pepper had been done beforeand better, in Eastern Europe at the turn of the century. I’m sorry you mistakenly think it’s “revolutionary”. And Pink Floyd art is what the kids refer to nowadays as “retarded”.

But the Boomers weren’t all dorks. The best album covers to come out of Post-War America? This series by awesome, non-dork Baby Boomer/designer Rudolph de Harak. Yeah, he’s American – a California-born, New York-based, now dead, Modernist designer who came up with some fucking awesome designs for albumbook, and magazine covers. For a short time he was even the art director ofSeventeen.

His style of mid-century modern is definitely minimalist, but always playful. His use of color is never garish and he has an eye for very interesting shapes. Sure, it’s not prism shooting a rainbow into space, but also you didn’t have to be there to “get it”.


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