The week’s best online fiction, with recommendations from FictionDaily‘s editors.

#354 by Clair BarwiseNanoism

I read this story a few times. At first I thought it was about pregnancy and nervousness about pregnancy. Then I thought it was about general stress and frustration in relationships. Then I just wasn’t sure. This confused sensation, when done well, is a virtue of Twitter fiction: it’s like you’re in the backseat of a car on the highway and, looking into a passing car, you feel a fraction of a moment of another life. The life is there and gone. Evanescent. Good Twitter stories give that feeling. This is a good Twitter story.–David Backer

Second and Death by Sarah SchwarzMonkey Bicycle

There’s much to be said for subtlety, understatement and omission in fiction. You get the “feeling” in this piece from what is suggested or left out altogether. Its emotional relevance lurks between lines. Examining each fragment, you begin to appreciate the horrors that could have been perpetrated by overwriting. You sense here and there the phantom presence of material excised, for the greater health of the whole. I feel comfortably assured that this author is on the right track.


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