In the August heat, the average skater takes a Slurpee break every two hours. While some sit there, ingesting whatever flavor is based on a superhero that week, stoically tossing old cigarette butts through the heavy air, others become more introspective, and might even pull out a book. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I remember quietly rubbing a piece of gravel against concrete, while two of my friends buried themselves in Even Cowgirls Get The Blues and Gravity’s Rainbow. While I personally never tried to mix the two, skateboarding and non-required reading remind me of the most sugar-fueled and saturated days of summer.

Awesomely, Penguin Classics is holding a photo contest of people skating and reading, with the prize being these super-fucking-cool skateboard decks. I would be down for Steinbeck’s The Pearl deck, or Huck Finn. Throw in some Trucks based on Roads, some Bearings influenced by Yeats’s Gyre, and some Palefire Wheels, and you’ve got a swagged-out literary complete.

And taking this even further, what if Tech-Deck put out some fingerboards based on novellas? I would totally use a Heart of Darkness deck on a rainy day.


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