Kate Moss, model, is marrying Jamie Hince, “rock star”. And, according to the website wwd fashion, she’s going to be wearing Zelda Fitzgerald’s engagement ring, which I thought was kind of cool until I saw that it’s actually just a reproduction of the original. Lame.

But it’s exciting in it’s own way. Kate Moss is clearly broadcasting her intentions of becoming a lush and then destroying the talent of, and eventually killing, a gifted artist (ed. note: has anybody checked in on Pete Doherty recently?) All out of pure envy. Either that or Europeans don’t “get” Zelda Fitzgerald. Or I don’t. I guess rich people are different from you and me.


(ed. note: Salley Joseph, model for Spinsters Monthly, has recently commissioned a model of Jane Austen’s favorite cat, Faux Paws.)


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