Party time! It’s our 6 month anniversary! Actually, our real 6 month anniversary was a couple of weeks ago but we were sick and then on vacation and then sick again, so we forgot! If we were your husband, we would be in the dog house. But we are not your husband, so it is time to party!

Over the past 6 months, we’ve worked hard to not only carve out a space for young writers and critics, but to differentiate ourselves from other outlets. While I think that we’ve established a singular identity, we’re not going to stop trying new things (or screwing around and having fun, for that matter). If there’s anything we’re not doing that you’d like us to do or anything you’d like us to do differently, please email me (alexshephard at or comment. We’ve got a lot of energy, and we have some big things planned for the next 6 months. More on that stuff later..

Most importantly: thank you, thank you, thank you. We are moved and consistently amazed by the attention we’ve received thus far. Thanks for being passionate and committed. You guys are the best. Now it is time to party (see left). Full Stop ahead!


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