Lest you think we’ve gone sports-crazy in the blog-section, that’s approximately 400 items about book, and 2 items about basketball. We apologize, but only in a fake way, cause we got the playoff feva!

Wells Tower (whose Full Stop interview you can check out here) has written a pretty great piece about former Coney Island Baby, T’Wolves prodigy, and Knicktastrophe Stephon Marbury. The article is a quick read, and reveals Marbury would like to found a minor-nation in the American South by selling inexpensive sneakers (AND it might just happen).

You can check out the full article over at GQ.

On a sad personal note, Full-Stop‘s beloved Knickerbockers have been beaten, badly, by the hated Celtics. One could trace their downfall to the fated moment during halftime of Game 1 when Full-Stop EIC Alex Shepard reached deep into a closet, found someone’s pair of Starbury sneakers, and paraded around the apartment, almost begging the basketball gods to strike him (and his team) down. Within moments, the Knicks lead was evaporated, and soon the series was lost. So thank you, Alex, thank you for feeling good about the Knicks. May you one day seek  asylum in Marburyvania.


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