Guarded by Patience and Fortitude (the twin lions whom I somehow persistently confused for whatever Rick Moranis becomes at the end of Ghostbusters– I was a weird young lad), the main branch of the NYPL is a really cool place. It has pneumatic tubes for when you request a book, and a deep unused storage space, for when you wrong the librarians. On May 20th, the library will open its doors to 500 young writers, who will spend the night on a scavenger hunt for some of the library’s most important works. Each participant will write an essay about their findings and the essays will be collected in a book (which will be sent, in a pneumatic tube, directly to God).

Featured in films (like Ghostbusters! See- I’m not so weird. I just have problems distinguishing between real things and movies), and the totally amazing The Day After Tomorrow, the NYPL has gotten in on the action on their own dime, and created an equally cinematic promotion: Spend The Night at the NYPL

You can register here for a chance to spend the night, and live out a precocious 12-year-old’s wet dream (or a normal 12-year-old’s worst nightmare).



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